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Recurring hip pain

I am young, relatively speaking (30) but once in a while I'll get a dull lingering pain in my right hip. Why would this be? I exercise moderately for an hour or so a few times a week. Is this not enough?

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Hip pain varies a lot. If it is in the groin it is most likely hip. If lateral likely bursitis. If it is buttock most likely sciatic in orogin.
Pain in hip joint happens due to lack of nutrient or inflation.
Proper food make you heal
Excessive exercise cause more wear and tear
Concentrate on good fat for breakfast(cheese,butter,eggs,Avacado)
Avoid carbs. Usually pain goes away within four week.
Avoid chicken, turkey and alcohol, protein powder.
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Thank you for your question.

Your question is a little vague, so giving you a definitive answer is challenging. There are a wide variety of potential problems that could be the cause of your hip pain. It depends on what part of your hip hurts, what specific movements or motions make it hurt, whether it started after an injury, whether there are any associated symptoms like clicking or popping, what kinds of exercise or sports you have done throughout your life, etc.

At your age, some common hip problems include labral tears, impingement, IT band syndrome, muscle strains, SI joint dysfunction, athletic pubalgia, and even hernias or intraabdominal problems-- patients have come to me complaining of "hip" pain and have had some version of all of these.

My recommendations would be to make sure you have enough variety in your exercise program to prevent overuse injuries, and to seek out a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hip problems to discuss your pain.

Take care,
Kenneth Brooks, M.D.
There are many reasons for pain in the front of the hip but orthopaedically they are usually 1) muscle strain, 2) ligament strain, 3) tears in the hip joint cartilage. Non-orthopaedic issues can also include hernias and ovarian cysts.
If this is a transient issue, than most likely it is a muscle or tendon strain. This is best treated with stretching. You can certainly do this prior to your exercise routine. You may want to see a physical therapist to help with the correct form in stretching.
Need orthopedic exam and X-ray, possible MRI.
I don't believe your pain has to do with not exercising enough. Are you stretching before working out and are you warming down after? Is your hip pain in the buttock region or the groin area? If it's in the buttock or lateral hip area it is likely related to your lower back. If it's in the groin region that's you actual hip. If the pain persists I recommend you see your primary care physician for X-rays. Good luck.
Likely enough exercise, just need to get evaluated by an Orthopaedic Surgeon
The most common causes of pain in the hip area in a relatively young person would be overuse tendinitis or bursitis. There are other reasons to have hip pain, but diagnosis would require an evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon and X-rays.
Could be many things. Anything from bursitis to a hip torn labrum to a lumbar spine issue. Exercise may be making it worse. Probably best to have an Orthopaedic doctor check it out
it depends on where the pain is coming from. Is it in the groin? Is it in the side of the hip? Is it the back of the hip?
It could be overuse injury meaning tendonitis of your hip flexors. Possibly an injury to the labrum in your hip. I would schedule an appointment to have an X-ray and examination.
The source of hip pain is hard to discuss without knowing the specific location of the pain. Most of the time hip pain can be treated non-operatively. Seeing a sports trained physian or orthopedic staff may prove beneficial to get you pointed in the right direction.
too many unknowns to answer well . If the pain s in your groin , which is the hip joint , then possibly a cartilage tear . If the pain is more by you pocket in front then likely bursitis
Recurring hip pain at your age can be caused or related to several things; usually relatively benign.
The pain can be related to things going on inside the joint, or within surrounding tissues like muscle, tendon, bone or bursas.
Overuse activities are the most common benign cause at younger ages, as well as after effects of prior injury. Acetabular impingement, a fairly recently recognized diagnosis is related to variations in anatomy and often presents with intermittent symptoms in your age range. I have had both hips replaced recently in my early 60's, as a sequel to long term impingement with began in my late 40's amidst a 30 year career as a special operations surgeon in the Army..
The best initial course of action would be to see your primary care provider and have him or her obtain X-rays. Based on examination and X-ray findings, a referral to an Orthopedic Surgeon, or a trial of physical therapy may be warranted based on findings. Surgery is always a last resort. Recent advances in arthroscopic surgery may eventually prove to change the natural progression of hip related common problems.

If the pain is anterior and there are mechanical symptoms like clicking or a sensation of giving way, it could be a labral tear. Sometimes, tendinitis about the hip can be the cause. A good history and physical with two views of both hips could help. An MRI may be indicated.
This possibly could be caused by cartilage injury to the hip. An XR and an evaluation can help clarify the cause of this pain. please go to www.MichaelLimMD.com to schedule an appointment.
It depends on several factors. I would need to evaluate you in person for a better understanding. A common cause of persistent pain may simply be that you were not realigned enough. Sometimes further realignment surgery can solve the issue
It depends on what area you are calling your hip , if it is ne'er the buttock it might be coming from your back , if it is in the groin area it could be the hip joint itself or a pulled muscle such as rectus femoris . If rest and a non steroidal doesn't clear it up in a few weeks , I would suggest an X-ray of the hip to start
Multiple potential causes, but it is not likely related to a need for more exercise.
You probably need to have an x-ray and possibly a MRI.
The hip is a very broad area. I would need a more specific area of the hip-- (groin area, side, back).
This depends on several factors. The history of the hip is important. Any past trauma, or injury to the hip? The type of exercise you perform may have something to do with the pain. I would recommend stretching and flexibility exercises, to obtain full range of motion and then some flexibility. Pop-doc.com has these suggested exercises. Perhaps your exercise routine impacts the hip joint too much.
Investigate for back disorder by radiological studies, including MRI. We have to find the cause of pain before exercising. What about X-rays of hip and spine?