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Severe constipation?

I have been on chemo, for about 5 months for follicular NHL. As of the last month, i have had severe, and or chronic constipation. after each treatment, i can not hardly, have a bowel movement. i have had to push so hard, that i created hemmhoids, and maybe a bleeding fisher, for bother. I have tried stool softener's from the doctor, not much good. my primary doctor, gave me Linzess. after the second day, severe constipation, became diarrhea from the illness, and I could not get to the bathroom, in time. Doctor what do you suggest, and what is causing, this terrible condition?

Male | 74 years old
Complaint duration: 30 days

2 Answers

You are reacting to the chemo and what you experiences not unusual.I would suggest the following simple steps to maintain food bowel movements1) 1/3 cup of bran buds daily this will satisfy your 30 grams of fiber daily requirement2) Align probiotics taken daily to maintain proper flora of the gut
This sounds like a side effect to the chemo. Linzess works for you but you may need a lower dose or use it every other day to avoid diarrhea from the medication.