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Severe nerve pain with no explanation?

I was in a car accident 2 years ago where a transport hit my car on the left side and the air bag deployed and the door was a bit crushed inwards. I have had an MRI done with the dye and just a normal one as well. I also had x-rays done but everything came back positive I guess. I've had physiotherapy many times and have been on different painkillers, buy nothing seems to help my pain. I can't lift over 2 pounds without it hurting. I can't sleep on it. It hurts every single day going from my neck down to my finger tips. It's like a burning, numb sensation and it tingles down my arm like pins and needles. My doctor has basically given up on me and she's been giving me pain meds for diabetics and just randomly prescribed me T2s. I'm getting very frustrated as I can't sleep and I ran out of physio so there is nothing I can do right now.

Female | 19 years old
Complaint duration: 2 years

4 Answers

Two years is a long time to be in pain. I may have to answer your question with more questions. Did they do a Thoracic MRI? How many PT treatments were done? My suggestion is that you visit with a Chiropractor and/or a Neurologist to assess if there is an impingement causing your nerve pain. Given your age, the accident, and length of time being in pain, I would strongly recommend you be assessed by a different specialist.
You have nerve insult in your neck affecting the brachial plexus. An MRI should reveal this. If your symptoms are only when upright, you may need a sitting MRI for it to show.

Dr. Ehret
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You could have a variation of post traumatic neuropraxia. Have you had any nerve conduction studies? Have you had any MRI of the spine? May be time for a 2nd opinion....not to cast aspersion on current doc, but fresh eyes and ears can help.....sorry you're suffering.
All the best.
That is terrible. I'm very sorry to hear this, you are so young. I would find an Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor in your area. It is completely different from traditional Chiropractic. Very scientific, gentle and effective. Removing brainstem pressure has helped where many other treatments have failed.