Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) Questions Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath

Sometimes I get really short of breath. I might not even be doing anything strenuous and I will struggle to get enough air. Should I be concerned?

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Yes. See a medical professional.
Hello, this is tough to answer without quite a bit more information. Shortness of breath has many causes and can come from the lungs, too much fluid in the body, heart failure, kidney failure and LOTS of reasons. That written, it can also come from anxiety and stress. The is something called Paradoxical Vocal Fold Adduction that can happen when the vocal folds move in the wrong direction. Namely, they should open when you take a breath and if they start moving towards each other, that can make someone feel short of breath. It would likely be a good idea to have some things checked out, but you could start with your primary care doctor.
Yes. You need to see your primary care doctor.
And do it soon
Take Care and God Bless
You should get a blood test to rule out anemia. You should also have a doctor listen to your chest and decide if you need an asthma/allergy test.
Go see your internist
This is worrisome. I would see your provider asap.
I would recommend that you consult with a pulmonary specialist to discuss why you are having these symptoms and possibly do a Pulmonary Function Test, which can measure how well your lungs work.

Ghada Aly
Yes, see a doctor as soon as you can
Most common causes are overweight and iron deficiency/anemia. If they check out normal, it probably is due to anxiety.
Shortness of breath could be pulmonary issue (lung problems) or it could also be related to anxiety. It is important to discuss with your primary care your symptoms. Ex. when is it worse... sitting, walking, talking etc? Anything makes it better? Any other associated symptoms?
Depending on your age, smoking history, family history, and other risks factors, it could be. I would recommend seeing your primary care provider.

Richard Aballay

Yes, seek medical care and evaluation as soon as possible. The symptoms you describe are referred to as decreased exercise tolerance and may involve the heart.
Shortness of breath with minimal activity is concerning. I would talk to your physician as soon as possible.
Yes feeling SOB at rest or at exertion is not usually normal for healthy individuals. Please see your doctor for full evaluation for feeling out of breath.
See your doctor!
Shortness of breath (SOB) with minimal exertion is a concern. In general, SOB could be caused by the :
- heart
- lungs
- lack of cardiovascular fitness
- obesity, etc.

Some key questions are:
Do you have swelling of the ankles/legs?
Do you feel your heart racing or flip-flopping?
Do yo have to sit up ant night due to SOB?
Do you get SOB when you lay down?
Do you have high blood pressure or family history of heart disease?
Do you have a history of thyroid disease or thyroid disease in your family?
Do you wheeze with the SOB or have a history of asthma?

Regardless of the answers to these questions, I would consult a doctor as soon as possible with the symptoms you have now?
Being really short of breath without some kind of obvious cause is certainly concerning. While an anxiety attack is a possible cause, you can usually tie it back to something earlier. A more worrisome issue would be a very high heart rate that would be abnormal and needs attention. This really needs to be checked out and not sat on.
Yes, you should.
Yes, shortness of breath should be taken seriously. There are many causes and your doctor will be able to help you. You should make an appointment today.
Kindly check yourself into a hospital or emergency physician so you can be evaluated and medically managed asap.
It is very hard to know with the limited information you provided what to make of your symptoms. I would recommend you make an appointment with your primary care physician and discuss your symptoms with them. If your symptoms are severe, associated with chest pain, or are persistent and do not resolve, please call 911 and go straight to the ER.
I would recommend you see your doctor to have a full evaluation and make sure it is nothing concerning.
Yes, be concerned and go see your physician
Shortness of breath with activity is not normal. You will need further evaluation to determine the cause of your shortness of breath.

The diagnostic possibilities are myriad and also depends on how old you are and what you consider to be strenuous.

Shortness of breath, especially without much of activity and or exertion, is certainly a worrisome symptom. Many reasons for such symptoms exist. You should be evaluated by a long specialist and possibly heart specialist in the near future.
Having said that, some people will experience that symptom without underlying organic reason.
Evaluation by your position is likely to reveal the reasons behind it.
please visit you primary care physician for a thorough exam to help determine a course of action
Depending on the circumstances, your symptom could reflect numerous different problems ranging from mild anxiety to serious heart or lung issues. The presence of wheezing, palpitations, dizziness, or other symptoms could provide more information, but a checkup focusing on this issue would be advisable.
Set up an office visit with your primary care MD to rule out other diagnosis associated with certain age groups, i.e. cardiac, pulmonary versus poor conditioning.