Urologist Questions blood in urine


A few nights ago, my granddaughter kicked me in the kidney. When I went to the bathroom after that, I was spotting and realized it was in my urine and not my period. I've also had back pain since. Nothing major, just enough to know that the pain is there. Can a kick to the kidney cause that?

Female | 50 years old
Complaint duration: 2 days
Medications: Levothyroxin
Conditions: NA

2 Answers

The injury to your back may have damaged your kidney causing you to have blood in your urine and you should see a urologist for further evaluation including a CAT scan and urinalysis
Trauma to the kidney may cause blood in the kidney. Any blood in the urine warrants formal evaluation by a urologist which may consist of a urinalysis, cytology, CT scan of your abdomen and pelvis, and a cystoscopy (looking in your bladder with a scope).