Hematologist (Blood Specialist) Questions Bruises

Sudden bruising for no reason

I am a 62 year old male. I previously had open heart surgery for severe MVP. Today I noticed that I have 6 very large bruises on different areas of my body. I have no recollection of hitting into anything or what could have caused it and I am concerned. I do take baby aspirin once per day but have done so for years. What could be the cause of this?

4 Answers

There could be numerous reasons for your bruising. As we age, our blood vessels are not as strong as they once were, so the aspirin may be contributing even though it has not caused this in the past. There are a couple reasons you bruise. One is that you don't have enough platelets. Another is that your platelets aren't functioning appropriately. A third is that your other factors that play a part in clotting are not at an adequate level. If there are any new medications that you have started recently, including plavix, lovenox, coumadin, xarelto, eliquis, pradaxa, advil, or ibuprofen, those could play a part as well. I would bring this up to your primary physician and have some basic lab work checked just to make sure things are ok.


Dr. Bower
aspirin may be the cause if you started recently to take aspirin if not check with your physician ,there may be something else going on
The most important thing is to make sure that there are no new medications added that can interfere with platelet function or potentiate aspirin. That list includes natural medicines and herbs. If that's not the case, I suggest you have blood work done to check platelet count, function and coagulations studies.
This is a good question. Although aspirin can cause bruising the sudden onset of new bruising is concerning. How long has it been since your surgery? Are you taking any other blood thinners or supplements (vitamin E, fish oil, garlic)? If you are I would stop these for now. Have you seen your doctor recently for blood work? If not, contact them to get some labs- they should do a complete blood count and some coagulation testing to start. If this is abnormal they may refer you to a hematologist.
Hope this is helpful and that your concern is resolved quickly.