Psychologist Questions Fatigue

Sudden mental fatigue--what can it be?

I've noticed that I am not able to put as much emotional and mental effort into many tasks, and I fear this will start to happen at my job. What can I do?

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First go get a medical work up and rule out any medical issue. Once accomplished, consider counseling depending on the results.
Your symptoms could indicate a number of things, including burnout, life dissatisfaction, or apathy, fatigue, and anhedonia that may accompany depression. Your symptoms could also be your mind and body's way of encouraging you to get more rest. If you are unable to identify any particular cause of your symptoms, you may benefit from seeking a mental health provider to help you explore.
I don't know your age or gender. Have you had a physical? Have you been stressed for a while or pushing hard without a significant break? If you can't find an easy solution (cutting down on drinking, lessening optional stress, practicing better sleep hygiene, stress management, or eating better), then an appointment with your MD or a good therapist are likely in order. Don't be passive until your work is adversely affected.

Cloyd Taylor, Ph.D. in Round Rock, TX. I am a Clinical Psychologist
I would first go to your general physician and possibly have blood work done to determine if you have any vitamin deficiencies or thyroid issues that could be contributing to how you are feeling. Evaluating your diet, sleep, and vitamins is essential to addressing fatigue and poor concentration. If all of these issues are normal, then I would suggest seeing a psychologist or neuropsychologist for a diagnostic interview to determine if a mental health issue is contributing to your experience.

Brandi Buchanan, PhD
Dear Sir/Madam:
Re. not being able to put effort, mental and emotional into your daily tasks, you need help to find out whether it is due to a physical cause like anemia or an emotional cause like loss of interest and motivation or both. So I would suggest you contact your primary care physician and ask their advise to rule out any physical issues. Also, consult a licensed mental health professional to rule out an emotional cause. As mind and body are connected, you need to address both.
Take care.
Dr. Sonpal
Emotional and mental fatigue can be caused by a number of different things. It's always wise to first be evaluated by a medical professional in order to rule out any underlying medical condition that may be causing your fatigue. If you are cleared medically, then it's time to look at your life and your current stressors. Seeking counseling to gain support in working through difficult circumstances certainly doesn't hurt and may be just what you need to gain some clarity.
Noticing burnout signs early on can help in mitigating their impact. I recommend contacting a psychologist and discussing your feelings, Dr. Hirshfeld
It could be depression or it could be a result of prolonged stress. But the first step should be your getting a medical evaluation because it could be a symptom of a medical problem.
Speak with a qualified therapist, as this could begin to affect your job.
Our subconscious mind reacts without our conscious mind knowing sometimes. You may just have a lot on your plate right now and just need to take things a little slower. When I get overworked, I take weeks and even months off. I am self employed and fortunate to be able to call the shots when that happens. Our body and mind needs time to heal and that means, no weekend work and rest, rest, and more rest during the evenings.
Finding yourself in the predicament in which you are not able to put as much emotional and mental effort into tasks can be very discouraging. I am sorry to hear about your difficulty. These types of symptoms can be caused by a variety of factors. If you do not feel like you are able to resolve this issue by yourself, it would be wise to schedule an appointment with a psychologist who can help diagnose your condition and suggest appropriate treatment.
Stress is a significant factor in mental fatigue. An assessment of the dynamics occurring in one's life needs to be made to establish what issues are contributing to this overall sensation. Introspection can be difficult and to obtain some objectivity, a psychological consultation can be very beneficial.