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Weird spot on the sole of my foot?

About a month ago I noticed a brown spot, about 1cm wide, on the sole of my foot. I haven't injured my foot and I'm not sure what it could be. It's not causing me any pain or irritation, though it is very slightly raised to the touch. It's probably nothing but I'm beginning to worry and just wanted to get a second opinion.

Female | 21 years old
Complaint duration: 1 month

7 Answers

It looks like a deep bruise, but it would be best for your podiatrist to look at it in detail. If there is any doubt as to what it can be, then a 2-3mm punch biopsy should be taken and sent to the pathologist for interpretation.
Need an eval.
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Just based on the surrounding tissue (I don't know if you can see the halo of yellow/brown coloration around the lesion with a darker line similar to the lesion extending several cm beyond the central lesion of concern), but I would guess you somehow bruised the area and have a small hematoma (bleeding under the skin in the area). BUT, I would watch the lesion closely. If it gets bigger or if it becomes more raised, if it becomes more painful, or if it simply does not go away within a month or so, I would have the lesion checked out and even possibly biopsied. You can either seek out a good Podiatrist or you can see a dermatologist for this issue.
If the spot just appeared and and is raised, I would recommend you see a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) or a dermatologist to determine if biopsy is necessary
Has someone done a biopsy of this new spot? It would be best to get a biopsy done of this to see what it is. Some skin cancers can look like a brown spot. Highly recommend seeing a foot and ankle specialist or Dermatologist
Go to a dermatologist or podiatrist. This could be a melanoma.
This needs to be seen in person by your dermatologist.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD, FAAD