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What are the cons of Invisalign?

I want to straighten my teeth with Invisalign. What are the cons of Invisalign?

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please consult a orthodontic
Invisalign is great way to straighten teeth, however it requires great compliance. Take in to account that some severe crowding cases are better resolve by traditional orthodontics treatment. It’s better to have an evaluation first by a specialist
Oftentimes the arches need to be widened to make room before aligners are used. The aligners can be used after the widening is completed with a different treatment method.

The chapter on orthodontics is the book GROWING A HEALTHY CHILD, SECRETS FROM A WISE OLD DOC is the best source of information on this subject.
Limit on results. Quite a few patients finish Invisalign and are not happy w results. So they have traditional braces placed to finish