Pediatrician Questions Chicken Pox

What can I do to get rid of chickenpox scars for my little one?

My son is 5 years old and had a bout of chickenpox. It has even left scars on him. Is there anything I can do to get rid of these scars?

5 Answers

Most scares will fade over a period of time so give some time and if they are bothering then there are lots of options like laser or micro abrasion.
Usually the scars are too many to try to get rid of. They also fade somewhat over time. If the child so desires when adult, he/she can see a dermatologist who has several modalities available for scar treatment.
Mederma can reduce the scars and make sure none get secondary staph infection which will cause a deeper scar.
I would like to advise you in a natural way. Use vitamin E oil with baby oil and mix it and apply everyday. This takes awhile before you see changes, but will heal naturally.
In general, there is nothing you can do now for the scars. Many times, the scars will fade with time (6-9 months). Those that don't can be improved cosmetically when the child is older by a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon.