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What causes erosion of teeth?

What could being causing the erosion of my teeth?

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Any food or drink that is allowed to rest on the teeth other than non-acidic water can cause erosion of the teeth. Loss of tooth structure can be caused by many things including, imbalanced bite, misaligned teeth, acid attack, GERD, Bulimia, diet, lack of proper care and cleaning of teeth. Water pH 6 or lower, lemon water, soda pops, juice, milk, stomach acid, etc. are some of the liquids that can cause erosion
Can be from mechanical wear, acidic drinks, and teeth misalignment.
Erosion of teeth is generally caused by something acidic, either in the diet or some sort of systemic condition. The acids can cause this breakdown or erosion of the enamel on your teeth. Dietary factors could be acidic beverages in high consumption such as Cola soft drink, or acidic fruit drinks due to the content of phosphoric and citric acids in these beverages . Other causes may be included gastro intestinal problems such as acid reflux causing acid to re enter the mouth. Frequent vomiting in conditions such as bulimia or alcoholism may also contribute to erosion of the dental enamel. Dry mouth and certain medications causing more dry mouth may further exacerbate the condition as the saliva helps to protect the dental enamel. See if any of these listed factors may be contributing to the erosion on your enamel, and discuss with your dentist any solutions to help you achieve a healthy smile.
Acidic food and beverages. Most carbonated drinks have acids added to them like phosphoric acid. Fruit juices can also be a cause. Try to sip beverages through a straw and aim to the back of your mouth avoiding swirling.
Acidic fruit drinks, white or red wine, coffee, acid reflux (gerd), vomiting, to name a few...
You can get erosion from acidic foods.
Many factors:

Improper brushing, acidic foods due to improper diet, gingival recession as well
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Acidic food intake is the most common cause for erosion.

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Usually is due to clenching and/or wasting of enamel due to acid environment in your mouth.
When the ph decreases.
Erosion is mainly caused by acid. So naturally those foods and drink with a low Ph (more acidic) are a main factor. These typically are soft drinks and citrus juices and fruits. GERD or acid reflux ( heartburn) is another major factor. Please note that your dentist can further elaborate on the causes and remedies. Thanks
Many factors can cause erosion of teeth- diet to specific habits
This most often occurs in individuals with acid reflux or GERD. And the looking of acidic substances around teeth when sleeping. Another cause would be bullemia or frequent vomiting for any reason.
Acid in your mouth-either GERD or high acid in your diet.
There are various causes of erosion. We usually separate them into intrinsic and extrinsic categories. Extrinsic refers to things that are placed into the mouth from outside, such as lemons, carbonated sodas, highly acidic foods and drinks. Intrinsic refers to acids that are produced by the body, such as acid reflux, vomiting and regurgitation. You need to examine if you can identify which, if any, of the two categories that you may fall. Then you can take measures to prevent what may be causing the erosion. Some people can be brushing with very abrasive toothpastes, or using a hard-bristled toothbrush too vigorously. Any and all of the above can attribute to erosion and loss of enamel.
There are many causes for tooth erosion. 1. brushing too hard 2. brushing with too abrasive of a toothpaste 3. acids such as lemon juice 4. excessive night time grinding of teeth. 5. acid reflux
The main cause of teeth erosion are acids found in the foods and drinks. Foods such as apples, citrus fruits, and berries are acidic. Also, teeth grinding, gastroesophageal reflux disease, low salivary flow also called xerostomia. This can be caused by a lot of systemic diseases.
If it's the top biting surfaces of your teeth that you're speaking of it could be that bruxism or grinding of the teeth during sleep due to stress or poor bite could be the cause of this attrition. If it's the facial or the tongue sides of the teeth it could be dietary or even salaverry. Dry mouth can be one of the symptoms that accommodate erosive conditions as well as too much citric acid in the form of lemons tomato products like ketchup, or pizza sauce used in excess or even too many lemons or even excessive amounts of orange juice. Remember to brush between meals and use Sensodyne toothpaste for hypersensitivity.
Erosion of teeth can be caused by many factors here are some common ones: 1) eating acidic foods 2) juicing 3) brushing too hard 4) gastric reflux
There are many factors that can lead to erosion. Brushing with a hard bristled brush, an acidic diet and or sugary diet, along with acid re-flux can all be contributing factors.
Erosion of your teeth can be caused by 1) a dietary habit, such as acid consumption, juices, sodas, coffee, 2) a physical trauma, such as grinding your teeth,brushing with a hard toothbrush, excessive amount of toothpaste, and 3) gastritis or volemia, where your own body's acid comes up and destroys the enamel of your teeth.