Family Practitioner Questions Blood Pressure

What causes high BP?

My mother in law is suffering from fluctuating diabetes. Off late she was showing a lot of irritation in her moods and behaving very erratic. Upon a physical examination we found out that her BP was very high. What could have triggered high blood pressure in her?

5 Answers

Your mother in law has diabetes, so I assume is on an oral medication or insulin. In either case, her prescription should be followed closely by her provider, while monitoring home glucose levels on a routine basis. Hypo or hyperglycemia could manifest has BP changes (high or low) and/or psychiatric manifestation (i.e., moods).
Age, Stress, etc. Needs lab and exam.
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Erratic behavior can raise BP. Uncontrolled diabetes and essential (unknown cause) all can raise BP.
Many things can cause high BP. Below is a list:

- Smoking
- Being overweight or obese
- Lack of physical activity
- Too much salt in the diet
- Too much alcohol consumption (more than 1 to 2 drinks per day)
- Stress
- Older age
- Genetics

If she has never had high blood pressure before and she has not had recent changes in her weight, smoking habits or activity level, the most probable cause is her higher irritability and stress level. It is very important that you figure out why she is so irritable and having erratic behavioral changes. It is important to monitor her BP on a regular basis to make sure it returns to her normal baseline, once her mood changes are corrected.
Diabetes is a very serious condition and can cause many side effects as in arterial narrowing which causes high BP. It is important to maintain good control of Blood Sugar to prevent side effects