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What does it mean if you are peeing for excessively long periods of time?

I have just been peeing more frequently and for long periods of time. I am on Felbatol, thyroid hormone, perphenazine, escitalopram, linzess, I use a rescue inhaler and yes I have a number of medical conditions, including asthma, hypothyroidism, schizoaffective disorder, a seizure disorder. I am 53 years old and of average weight.

Male | 53 years old
Complaint duration: about 2 or 3 weeks
Medications: felbamate,thyroid hormone,perphenazine,escitalopram,a rescue inhaler(ventolin),linzess
Conditions: asthma, a seizure disorder. schizoeffective disorder,hypothyroidism

2 Answers

I think you might need to consult with a urologist to see if you are having urinary retention due to either an enlarging prostate or other medication side effects. So urinary hemodynamics and prostate evaluation are necessary in your condition, and of course, need to rule out urine infection as well. Finally, the urologist might want to make a decision on cystoscopy as well (bladder video). Also need a urine analysis looking for blood or urine protein or infection.
Has your prostate been checked?