Pathologist Questions CSF test

What does the CSF test include?

My father has been prescribed a CSF test to diagnose his neurological problem. What does the CSF test include?

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Doctors will obtain fluid that surrounds the spine and test it for protein and glucose. They may also culture it and have someone look at it to see what types of cells are in it. This, along with other sorts of test, can give the doctors somewhat of an idea as to the cause of your father's neurological symptoms.

Renee Thomas, MD
CSF test can include many things differential counts, culture, biochemical lab test etc based on what the physician is looking for.
Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) tests include the following:
1. A manometric reading is obtained (opening pressure) when the taps performed and the spinal fluid begins to flow. This reading can be diagnostic in some cases.
2. Gross appearance of the fluid must be recorded.
3. Cell count (lymphocytes, neutrophils, RBC's)
4. Protein content in mg/dl
5. Glucose level in mg/dl
6. Bacterial Culture, Gram stain and India Ink preparation
6. CRP, Lactic dehydrogenase
In addition to some specific antibodies detection depending on the primary diagnosis.
That test is a cerebral spinal fluid test. It requires that a very well trained person put the needle into your father's spinal cord and withdraw fluid out.h e test is very painful,
I would not let anybody but an anesthesiologist do the test.