Surgeon Questions Hernia

What happens if I don't have surgery for my hernia?

I'm 45 years old, and I have a hernia. My mom says that I'm going to need surgery for this, but I don't think I need it because it's not bothering me too much. What happens if I don't get surgery for this?

8 Answers

Most hernias (incisional, abdominal, inguinal) will slowly increase in size and cause an intestinal obstruction to occur. The smaller the hernia results in faster recovery.
You will eventually need Surgery.
If the hernia is not operated on, it can become bigger and cause you problems such as incarceration or strangulation which means dead bowel. This would involve a much larger and complex operation then just straight forward hernia surgery.
Most hernias are potentially serious. There was an all-time doc that I worked with in his statement and was having a hernia is like walking down the street with the live rattlesnake in your pocket. The biggest shoe if a hernia getting trapped the blood supply can be cut off to that portion of your in test time and you can get dead bow. This is a surgical emergency. It is also a much worse prognosis if that is on the left side of your belly as the colon resides in there. As you may or may not know the colon has about 60% of the stool in it that contains bacteria. This bacteria is not nice or kind to your body so yeah if it’s an inguinal, umbilical hernia or a spigalean hernia you better look at Surgery. This is especially true if the hernia becomes incarcerated, then it becomes strangulated, and then you got dead bowel.
Depends on the hernia. They don’t go away and only get bigger, so better to have it fixed while it’s small.
It truly depends on the location of your hernia and you should discuss this with your surgeon. The concern with a hernia is that something “an organ” can be stuck in it and suffer.
Hernia tends to get bigger with time and can lead to major complications. Urgency of repair depends on the type of hernia and size. Recommendation is to see a general surgeon to explain what should be done and how soon.
Hernias do tend to get larger over time. Things that tend worsen hernia are things that increase pressure in your abdomen such as chronic coughing from smoking, difficulty urinating in men with prostate problems, straining to have bowel movements due to constipation, repetitive heavy lifting in construction workers or body builders. Obesity is another risk factor that worsens hernias.

If your hernia is not causing symptoms, there is no emergency to fix it. They will get larger over time, and you run the risk of developing a bowel obstruction if the intestines get trapped in the hernia. Hernias are also much easier to fix when they are smaller. The bigger they are, the larger and more complicated the operation.