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What is mediastinal metastasis?

What does this mean? It’s from an ultrasound.

Enlarged left epididymis with significant increased flow consistent
with acute epididymitis.
Mild increase flow in the bilateral testes and right epididymis may
represent orchitis and right epididymitis.
Moderate complex left hydrocele.
Inguinal lymphadenitis.
Small right mediastinal metastasis.

Male | 43 years old

3 Answers

cancer spread
I believe that to be a typo and it should be reviewed and a new report issued.
Mediastinal Mets is a nonspecific term for spread of cancer from another source to the lymph nodes in the chest. There are such nodes in the superior, anterior, middle and posterior mediastinum and any or all may be affected. There are also hilar lymph nodes which refer to the proximal pulmonary vessel regions. The more compartments involved Implies a worse prognosis.