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What is the best alternative to dental implants?

I have a missing tooth but don't want to get a dental implant. What is the best alternative to dental implants?

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Generally speaking you may be a candidate for a bridge or a partial to fill the space. The cheapest possible alternative would be a clear aligner with the missing tooth area filled in with essentially a painted tooth. A dental exam would be needed to find out if these are possibilities for you and your teeth.
A fixed bridge assuming the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are strong enough.
A dental implant to replace a missing tooth is considered the standard of care and is the best option for many reasons. Alternatively, a cemented fixed bridge utilizing the teeth on either side of the missing tooth could be fabricated. Fixed bridges, although initially less expensive than an implant crown, often fail due to decay in 10 years on average, creating a more complicated replacement. Replacement costs are significantly less with implants. Implants do not decay and rarely have complications if placed by an experienced competent surgeon and restored by an experience and qualified restorative dentist.
The other alternative to dental implant is a fixed bridge if you want a fixed option, or a removable partial if you want a removable option.

If you don't want a dental implant or cannot get one, a bridge (properly called a fixed partial denture) or a removable partial denture are other options. You would need neighboring teeth to do a bridge. A bridge does not come out of your mouth. A removable partial does.