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What is the best crown for back a tooth?

I will get a crown on my back tooth. What is the best crown for back a tooth?

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If cosmetic appearance is not a factor, nothing can beat a gold crown. Gold crowns (and metal ones in general) are very strong and can be expected to withstand even the heaviest biting and chewing forces well. The only disadvantage of a gold cap is its color. But if it won’t show (like when placed on teeth way in the back) this isn’t a drawback.
The other option is all ceramic crowns. The big advantage of having porcelain (all-ceramic) dental crowns placed is that they create an exceedingly life-like end result. So, in those situations where cosmetic considerations are of great concern, all-porcelain crowns make an excellent choice.

Hello, In terms of coverage and overall comfort, a crown made out of High Noble Metal m(i.e., Gold) is the best crown for a back tooth. Gold crowns have a property known as malleability. It allows the crown to mold to the shape of the opposing tooth, thereby, creating a more comfortable occlusion.
Zirconia crowns are the strongest and most reliable material