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Is it normal for your tooth to hurt after a filling?

I am a 30 year old male. My tooth hurts after a filling. Is it normal for your tooth to hurt after a filling?

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Yes, no body part likes to be drilled on. Teeth are no exception. It may take a few weeks to have this resolve gradually.
Discomfort after a filling can be the result of a number of consequences from the treatment. If the decay is not close to the tissue that has the nerves and blood vessel components in it, there should not be post treatment pain. However, if the "bite" is "off" an adjustment to the restoration may be necessary. If the discomfort persist for more than a 24-48 hours, please let your dentist know.
Sometimes. If it is a white colored filling material, at times they are known to have some sensitivity. It takes time to settle as new tooth was cut and certain products were applied to bond the new filling material. It could be a day or weeks. If it goes beyond months, then see your dentist to make sure nothing else is going on.
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Typically, teeth are sensitive the first 24 hours after a new filling is placed. After that time, check back with your dentist regarding a possible new development with your tooth.


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No, it is not normal, there should be a reason for this.
Yes, it is normal to feel pain after a filling. Please use a sensitivity tooth paste to relieve your tooth pain. If your pain does exceed after a week please call your dentist to take a look at it. You may need a bite adjustment or further treatment.

A tooth may hurt after a filling for a few different reasons. This is only normal for fillings that we would expect it. It is certainly not uncommon as well.
Things that would make a tooth hurt after a filling is the size and location of the filling, the type of material used for the filling, and procedure that was used during the filling. The size and location of the cavity matters because if it was close to the center of the tooth (pulp chamber where the nerve is) this could cause sensitivity. This means that in the area of the filling there is not as much insulation around the tooth. If this is the reason it could be just sensitivity and take some time to dissipate or it could mean a root canal is needed.
The type of material used is important because some of the materials are associated with more sensitivity after a filling. For example, tooth colored fillings have been shown to have more sensitivity after a filling then the old silver ones (one of the reasons silver fillings are still around).
Finally, the procedure used can cause some post-filling sensitivity. If a lot of air was needed to keep the area dry during the procedure, it could have irritated the nerve inside a little. This will usually resolve itself.
If it is still painful after 2 weeks, a visit back to the doctor that did the filling is best. This should not have any additional fee as it is associated with the filling. Hope this helps.

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Depth of decay, type of filling, type of pain...normally a little sensitivity for a few days.
Yes, the tooth might be sensitive for 1-2- days. If it keeps hurting, you have to go back to your dentist.