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What is the best medication for colitis?

I have colitis and want to treat it. What is the best medication for colitis?

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This is not a simple question. Everything depends upon the stage of your disease, the type of your disease, and how you were bearing up under the symptoms. It also depends upon potential complications that you may have. There is no best medication there's only what's best for you in particular based upon who you are in your disease. You need to see a gastroenterologist to be properly staged and then they can begin a discussion on your therapeutic options.
What do you mean by “ colitis”? Be specific. What kind, extent? See a GI doctor.
That’s like saying “is the car I am driving good?“ There are many forms of colitis. What works for one may be necessarily avoided for another. You need to have a health care professional help determine what kind of colitis you have.

It depends on the inciting factor. If it is Crohn’s, we treat it with Steroids. If it is due to C-diff, we use oral Vancomycin . Your Doctor will help make the right diagnosis before appropriate therapeutic is rendered.
Colitis responds to corticosteroids and other immune suppressant medications. Each requires expert advice and dosing and monitoring. Diet adjustments are essential too. Probiotics are essential too.