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What is the best medication for manic depression?

I was diagnosed with manic depression and want to treat it. What is the best medication for manic depression?

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Currently, manic depression is treated both by the actual type of manic depression bipolar one, bipolar two, etc. as well as the current phase a person may be in. The phase can be one of depression, one of mania, or a combination called mixed, as well as if there are symptoms of not being in touch with reality psychosis. Also, the physician must take into account if the symptoms are acute, or chronic. To make things even more complicated, there are certain medication‘s that are FDA approved for certain age groups. And, if there are medical issues, certain medicines can be very problematic.
Your question is very very important. As you can see, there’s no one easy absolute answer that is appropriate for everybody.
I would suggest talking to your psychiatrist about your specific symptoms in addition to making sure all the medical issues you may have are known to the psychiatrist, and then get the psychiatrist to categorize the type of bipolar disorder you have, the phase you are in, and explain all of the options that may be helpful. I would schedule an extra long session so that the psychiatrist can explain in detail the safety and efficacy of all the various medication‘s that may be beneficial. Lots and lots of hope!
Lance Steinberg MD, Inc.
Assistant Clinical Professor
UCLA (Geffen) NPI
The best medications for manic depression are mood stabilizers
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