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What is the best option to fix a gap between front teeth?

I have a gap between my front teeth. What is the best option to fix a gap between front teeth?

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There are several options, depending on the size and reason for the space. The first option is braces. While this takes time, it is the least invasive. The next option might be to do some cosmetic bonding to the teeth. This will make the teeth look larger, but is a cost-effective option. Then there are veneers and/or crowns. This option can produce the best esthetic results (outside of braces), but will be the most costly and will have to be repeated every 10-15 years. You should consult with a dentist to have a proper evaluation of your mouth, teeth and gums, and determine which one of these options would suit you. Hope this helps.

Invisalign is a good solution to resolve that but we have to evaluate all oral conditions before we can recommend treatment please make an appointment so we can take a look.

This is a great question! It all depends on the overall teeth alignment in the mouth. Sometimes, it's better to do orthodontics and straighten all the teeth to get them back into a better position. This will both fix the bite, teeth alignment, and also close the gap in between the teeth. Orthodontics is always a great option.

Another option, depending on the size of the gap and how your teeth fit together, are veneers or crowns are as well. Again, an overall complete evaluation of the mouth would have to be done because there are many factors that come into play when deciding the right treatment for you. Every patient is different and every patient may require something different tailored to them specifically.

I hope this helps!