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What is the most difficult tooth to extract?

I am a 26 year old male. I want to know what is the most difficult tooth to extract?

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Typically teeth with long, thin or hooked roots surrounded by dense bone. Often lower molars can fall into this category but teeth are different from individual to individual. This is where radiographs (x-rays) are key in deciding how to remove a tooth.
in a broad overview, a bony, impacted wisdom tooth would be the most difficult. However, a tooth that has the end of the root very close to the sinus area or near a nerve can be very difficult in that the chance of piercing the sinus or doing damage to a nerve is very real possibility. There is no one tooth or situation that answers this.
Impacted lower wisdom teeth
It all depends but historically lower wisdom teeth
The difficulty of the extraction is based on the dentist's skill level and relative to the integrity of the bone and anatomy of the crown and roots. The mandibular (lower jaw) bone tends to be harder than the maxillary (upper jaw) bone. Curved roots are more difficult to extract than straight roots.

Tawana Feimster, DDS, MS
For me, it is often an upper wisdom tooth. However, it depends on how dense the bone is; how long the roots are; whether the roots are bent or straight, tapered or bulb-shaped; whether the tooth is most intact or severely broken down. I am a general dentist. The dentist has to know their abilities and not be afraid, or too egotistical, to refer to an oral surgeon.
The extraction of teeth requires dental anatomy knowledge and an understanding of the correct tool to use for the surgical procedure. The level of difficulty is determined by the tooth root configuration, whether crooked or curved, and the proximity to key anatomical structures. With that in mind, wisdom teeth extractions tend to be more challenging.
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Dr. Stoddart
Wisdom teeth can be difficult as well as cuspid teeth.