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What is the treatment of fungal eye infection?

I was diagnosed with a fungal eye infection. Is it serious? Should I go to a doctor?

4 Answers

If it's diagnosed, it is a very serious condition. See an expert for b it.
The doctor who made the diagnosis should treat the infection. A fungal infection in the interior of the eye often destroys the vision.
Any eye infections should be treated immediately to prevent worsening of the condition or infection traveling to other parts of the eye or vitreous. If you’ve been prescribed medication, you should take that medication as directed by your doctor and follow up. Do not ignore the directions of your ophthalmologist and do not try over counter medication’s or home remedies fungal infections are very serious and can lead to other problems including blindness seek the attention of an ophthalmologist in your area
Yes! Go to your doctor. We need to treat it with anti fungal meds.