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What kind of anesthesia do they use for ankle surgery?

I broke my ankle bone and will have surgery. What kind of anesthesia do they use for ankle surgery?

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Typically, general anesthesia would be used for ankle surgery. Sometimes an anesthesiologist can perform a nerve block such as an epidural or popliteal block.
Most ankle surgery is done in a Hospital or Surgery Center under general anesthesia with local anesthesia injected into the surgical area after the patient has undergone general anesthesia. Depending on the procedure the surgeon and/or anesthesiologist could choose to use MAC sedation/IV sedation or some people call a twilight sleep for the surgery, the patient is still asleep but their organs are all functioning normally, a MAC sedation is generally not as deep of anesthesia as general anesthesia. Longer procedures require general anesthesia, MAC sedation is for procedures less than 90 minutes. I hope that helps.
They will do general anesthesia for your surgery. You can also request a regional nerve block prior to surgery, which can keep you out of pain longer after surgery. Discuss this with your surgeon and with the anesthesiologist prior to surgery.
Anesthesia will vary based on surgeon preference and extent of work that needs to be done. I recommend you discuss this with your surgeon