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What size lipoma should be removed?

I have a lipoma on my stomach area. The size is about 2 inches. Should I remove it? What size lipoma should be removed?

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A regular run-of-the-mill lipoma has no size which is required to be removed. A lipoma usually is removed when it is painful, causes difficulty with life, is unsightly, or has features that are concerning that it may be cancer. It is highly rare for lipomas to be cancer, however, it is possible. Most lipomas that I remove are ones that have started to cause people discomfort because of location such as on the beltline or a bra line or on their backs and it hurts when they lay down. A lipoma needs to come off when the person who has a lipoma does not want it anymore.
Lipomas are common soft tissue masses that can sometimes grow over time causing discomfort and sometimes pain. If the mass is growing or causing symptoms, then it should be removed regardless of the size.
Lipomas can be removed at any size. The primary reason to remove them is if they are bothersome - due to pain, location, size, etc. When a lipoma is removed, you are essentially trading a lump for a scar.

Yes, there is a risk for cancer at this size.
When they are larger than 5 cm (2.5 inches), removal is typically recommended. Other worrisome signs like rapid growth, pain, skin changes, the mass is non-mobile, or if the mass becomes firm or hard may be an indication to remove it sooner.