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Why do I have a lot of white discharge?

I started to notice that I'm having an excessive amounts of white discharge throughout the day. What could be the reason for this? Could it be something serious?

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Unlikely serious but something that definitely needs attention. See your GYN for evaluation
Not at all, it is not serious. It can be a yeast infection. Sometimes when you sweat it happens. I suggest you visit your ob/gyn and get checked.
White discharge alone is not necessarily a sign of infection unless if it is associated with itching or odor.
Is the discharge white and curdy like cottage cheese, or is it like white mucous? The first could be a yeast infection while the second may just be a normal response to high estrogen, especially if you recently began taking a new medication. Neither case is very serious, but if you want to sort this out, possibly begin treatment, you should see your doctor.
Vaginal discharge in any female is in majority of instances are physiologic and normal. The amount, consistency, appearance, and the odor is what raises concern. A whitish discharge as noted in your narrative should be looked into at any rate. Your doctor may examined you after a thorough history and will direct treatment as deemed appropriate.

Hope this helps to provide some clarity. 

Dr. Brown Brantuoh
This could be physiologic and where you are in your cycle. This could represent a yeast infection as well.