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Why do I keep getting a stye?

I frequently suffer from a stye in my eyes and it is quite painful. Why is this happening again and again? What is the best way for me to treat it?

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Frequent styes may be due to a skin condition called Acne Rosacea. Check with a dermatologist.

It’s common for people who suffer from blepharitis to have recurring stye formation. Ask your eye doctor how to treat you for the current episode and how to reduce the risk
of recurrence.

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It's likely you have bacterial growth within your meibomian glands lining your eyelids. Frequently cleansing of your lids will help
The treatment for styes includes antibiotic ointment and warm compresses. If the inflammation and pain get better but you still have a lump, you may want the lump removed by an ophthalmologist. If they keep coming back, it's due to your oil glands being clogged, called blepharitis. You may need long-term oral antibiotics to treat that.
You may have blepharitis, a common eyelid condition. This comes from a build up of the bacteria we all have on our skin. Your eye doctor may recommend lid washing with no tears shampoo, antibiotic ointment, warm wet compresses and if severe, systemic antibiotics like tetracycline.
See an eye doctor to be sure.