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Why does my eye hurt when I wear contact lenses?

It hurts when I wear contact lenses. Should I stop wearing them? What could be the cause?

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Your eyes are complaint. Stop contacts then.
The three most important rules of contact lens use are: Contacts must look good, feel good, and see good! (Pardon my English) If your eyes are red, take the contacts out. If they hurt, take them out.  Never, ever wear a contact lens that hurts! If the vision is not clear, take the lenses out. Contacts may become uncomfortable for many reasons: They may be poorly fit to your eye, especially when you use non-prescription cosmetic lenses.  The fit of your contacts can change with time as your eyes change.  It is important to have your contact fit reassessed at least once a year by a competent eye care professional. The lenses may be old, dry, dirty, or deposited.  If a new lens is uncomfortable, then it may be a  poor fit to the eye. About 10% of all contact lens users lose their contact lens tolerance each year.  Human eyes were just not designed to live with a piece of plastic on the front of them all the time.  Some people just get to the point where no contact lens feels comfortable for them. An uncomfortable lens may indicate the presence of an eye disease or infection.  Again, a comprehensive evaluation by an eye care professional is the best approach. Never wear any contact lens that is uncomfortable.
You may have dry eyes. Your contact lenses may not be a good fit. Difficult to say without seeing you in the office. My office is in Buffalo Grove, IL. ReEnvisioneyecare.com. I would be happy to see you to help figure it out and make your eyes comfortable again!
You should stop wearing contact lenses and visit your doctor to determine why the contact lenses are bothering you.