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Why does my tooth extraction hurt more at night?

I am a 22 year old male. I want to know why does my tooth extraction hurt more at night?

4 Answers

Could be a different tooth?? Also needs to check the extraction site.
A fresh tooth extraction will typically hurt more when you lay down because there's more pressure in the area from the blood flow that increases when you lay down - it's the reason you're told to elevate whatever you've injured when you seek care for it because it lowers the pressure in that area when it's elevated above your heart. It will help to use NSAID medication (Ibuprofen, Aleve) before bed to help alleviate some of the inflammation that accompanies an extraction.
When you lie down, your blood pressure changes. More blood flows toward your head when you lie or bend down. This can cause an achy or throbbing feeling when you are healing from oral surgical procedures including extractions.
If it was the "wisdom tooth", better to check with the dentist who extracted the tooth. Possibly, some healing complication or dry socket, which need extra attention.