Pain Management Specialist Questions Pain killers

When is it advisable to take a painkiller tablet?

I know that having too many painkillers is bad for my health. At what point should one have a painkiller medication? There are doctors who recommend painkillers as a precaution also. Is it advisable to have a painkiller even before the pain starts?

3 Answers

Pain medications are effective and safe when used as directed. Always consult with your physician before you take a painkiller medicine. Also, do not change or increase the dose without consulting with your physician. Misuse or abuse of medications can be extremely dangerous.

Maryna Polosenko
It is not advisable to take pain medication before pain starts. Re: when to take pain medicine, opioids should only be taken for short periods of time after procedures or injury. Non narcotic pain mess are not addictive however they have side effects. I recommend taking mess only when necessary and for pain greater than 3 on a 1-10 scale where 10 is the worst pain imaginable
It all depends upon what is causing pain, if it's acute or chronic. Pain killers may be needed if pain is not under control with other modalities.