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Are acne marks permanent?

I am 18 years old and I am suffering from extremely oily and acne prone skin. It has now left me with some scars that are difficult to hide. Are these marks permanent or will they fade after some time?

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The depth of the scars will dictate if the scars remain noticeable or fade to a minimal discoloration. For instance, so-called “ice pick” scars are deeper and require intervention to
remove or decrease the depth of the injury. Chemical peels and superficial laser resurfacing is often used for superficial scarring. Deeper scars may require deeper resurfacing, surgical intervention, or deeper chemical peels.

Patrick Ottuso
Unfortunately, acne scars are permanent. There are different types of acne scars -- some are shallow, others are boxcar or rolling, and others are icepick-like. The good news is that they can be treated and improved. My philosophy is to use multiple different types of therapies such as lasers, radiofrequency, subscision, and fillers to address them. For you, the
most important issue is to make sure your acne is treated appropriately and protect your skin from the sun.

Hayes B. Gladstone, MD
I am sorry to hear that you are left with scars. Some scars tend to disappear better than others. The ice pick scar can be quite difficult to treat. The first step is to treat the acne to prevent new scars, then, eventually, treat scars. You should see a general practitioner or a dermatologist to decide which treatment would be best for your type of acne.
18-year-olds are at the peak of acne period, hence you should FIRST consult with a good dermatologist to prevent and reduce acne. Scars are much more difficult to remove, so prevention is the best. Avoid steroids and retinoids. Go to a dermatologist who can also treat you with acupuncture.

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Acne need to be controlled first, then address scaring thereafter if there’s scar left.
The way I practice I actually use a cocktail to pretty amazing things, however, it is up to the patient in the sense of following what to do as far as post care if you get acne that causes you to have scars. To me, I think it’s a waste of time to use all the other products. I put a patient on something called Trentonoin cream and show them how to use it very minimally and make sure that they are hydrated as far as a Cetaphil lotion and then must wear sunscreen 24/7 or they will get burned. This is the most important thing; if you do this, can you get that cream prescribed? I have done it where patients got their acne scars and acne gone in one weekend. However, it is critical that the patient really focuses on caring for the skin afterwards and always see your physician before any of this.