Anesthesiologist Questions COVID-19

Are anesthesiologists taking care of covid-19 patients?

I am a 40 year old male. I want to know are anesthesiologists taking care of covid-19 patients?

6 Answers

Yes; Anesthesiologists play an integral role in the ICU management of COVID-19 patients as well as those who need surgical intervention while hospitalized.
Yes, anesthesiologists are taking care of COVID-19 patients, in several different ways. Some patients with active COVID-19 have a need for surgery that can’t wait until they have recovered from their disease. Also, some women in labor had active COVID and needed anesthesia for delivery of their baby. Finally, some anesthesiologists manage patients who are on the ventilator in the ICU. In my hospital, we have intensive care specialists that do that, but when we were at our peak in April here in Indiana, they became quickly overwhelmed and asked for assistance from the anesthesiologists. Some of us spent those peak weeks helping our intensive care colleagues out by staffing the ICU and performing procedures on those
patients that needed them.
Anesthesiologist are consultant practitioners. Doctors in charge are primary and emergency physicians. If a patient needs a surgery and can't be delayed, it's an emergency; then we take care or it.
Yes we serve on the front lines with airway management and ventilator management.

From Christopher Creighton