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Are antibiotics necessary after a root canal?

I am a 24 year old male and I will have a root canal. Are antibiotics necessary after a root canal?

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No antibiotics are not always indicated after a root canal, but may be depending on one's overall health history and current condition. It is important to speak to ones dentist to fully determine if antibiotics will be necessary in addition to treatment.
It depends on how bad the infection was or what was the reason for root canal treatment. If the root canal was done due for intentional reasons also known as prophylactic root canal then you do not need antibiotics. If it was done for inflammation within the nerve of the tooth and if it was not spread to the underlying bone or soft tissues then you do not need antibiotics. If you had the infection spreading to the bone and soft tissues and/or if you have other health concerns like diabetes, or any other disease that compromised your immunity then your dentist would usually prescribe an antibiotic.
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It depends on the individual case - the treatment consists of doing the root canal; it may or may or require antibiotics depending on whether there is swelling or other indication for antibiotics.
Usually not. Antibiotics are over-prescribed and patients will have antibiotic-resistant bacteria/infections or develop allergic reactions. If treating the root canal eliminates the infection, why need antibiotics. Some dentists have no confidence in their root canal treatment so they give antibiotics to cover themselves (and the patients). There are some occasions where antibiotics are appropriate: medically compromise patients, severe abscess and swelling, severe infection running a temperature or fever, certain medical conditions requiring premedication. My feeling is, if you can put medication right in the tooth and root canal, why put it in the stomach? The key is fully, properly cleaning out the root canal and sealing it. Your endodontist (root canal specialist) is trained to deal with the serious infections and complicated cases.
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Antibiotics are not always necessary after a root canal. I only prescribe antibiotics to my patients when the nerve inside the tooth is infected to help speed along the healing process.