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Are mini dental implants as good as regular implants?

I am thinking of having a dental implant for my missing tooth, but I see that there are two different types of implants I can get: mini and regular. Are mini dental implants as good as regular implants? Is there a difference?

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Mini dental implants are typical used to help stabilize dentures. They can also be used if the space is too small for a regular implant. Please consult your dental professional to see if you are the best candidate for this treatment. Thank you for your question.
Typically mini implants are used while the bone is healing to allow patients to have teeth while full sized implants are contemplated or placed
Mini's are OK for one tooth if the ridge is very thin or to support a denture when patient has a thin ridge, otherwise, better off with conventional.

Owen M. Waldman, DMD
Most of the time regular implants are better than mini ones. But mini implants can be very good in small areas where regular implants do not fit.


Mini dental implants are a great solution for patients who have minimal bone structure for the conventional implants. Since they are small diameter implants, they may not integrate into bone as well as the wider conventional ones. I have many patients who are very satisfied with both, so if done properly on the right candidate mini dental implants are just as good and often less expensive. 
There are many different implants on the market. In most cases, I prefer implants that are supported by the most extensive research. That being said, there is a place for mini implants. It would be better to place them in lower stress areas such as lower front teeth, or where your bite forces will not be as extensive. Sometimes there may not be adequate room or bone
thickness for a regular implant.