Chiropractor Questions Arthritis

I have arthritis with severe pain in my knees. Should I see a chiropractor?

I have arthritis with pain in my knees, and I am currently taking medication for this. Can I see a chiropractor to help with exercises that could relieve and manage my pain better?

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A full examination should be performed and imaging to determine the extent of the arthritis. Often times exercises and adjustments can be utilized to assist with reducing knee pain. Also there are additional modalities that can reduce pain and increase function including Shock Wave therapy.
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Yes that is exactly what the Chiropractor you see should be doing...providing exercises that help manage the pain and possibly give you alternative ways to perform daily activities which help you avoid repetitive stresses/traumas.

Dr. Morales, D.C.
Yes, you could see a chiropractor for this and they could help with exercises.
Yes, but only after a careful exam.
It depends on the severity of the arthritis, the length of how long you’ve had it and and the cause. My recommendation is knee assessment by a chiropractor. You cannot get rid of arthritis, but a chiropractor can help stop or slow the process. If you’re in an advanced stage you may need a knee replacement depending on your age.
If you have light to moderate degeneration of you cartilage, conservation chiropractic care with supplements (collagen, glucosamine amd MSM) would help. However, if you damage is more extensive, I recommend a stem cell treatment.
Yes. Chiropractors can help with pain in your knees and also give you exercises to help with the arthritis.
Depending on the severity, chiropractic care could help by working on and around the knees, as well as by balancing out the pelvic girdle.
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A chiropractor can definitely help you with exercises, treatments, and stretches to help you relieve and manage your pain. If you do not currently have a chiropractor, here is a map of evidenced-based chiropractors around the world.!map
Absolutely. Consult your nearest Chiropractor who specializes in extremity therapy.
Arthritis is due to inflammation in the joint and by moving then and limiting uneven weight distribution your knees will feel better. I would also choose a functional medicine chiropractor since arthritis can be diminished with proper diet.

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Dr S aka Dr. Awesome
Yes, you could, but you should research stem cell therapy. We have amazing results for patients like this.
They may be able to help you in many ways and even adjust your knees and fit you with flexible prescription orthotics.
Much of the pain that comes from arthritis is caused by the immobilization of the joints. Chiropractic adjustments and therapy focuses on restoring motion to joints that have restricted movement. Chiropractic is a great alternative therapy with research showing great results in reducing pain associated with arthritis. You should consult with your local chiropractor to determine how much chiropractic can help with your individual case.
A chiropractor trained to work on extremities could help. In my experience, supporting the feet with stabilizing orthotics can help a lot and appropriate adjustments. Class 4 laser can also make a big difference.

Dr. Cedrick Noel, BSN, DC, FABCDD, DACNB
Yes---they can adjust your knees or do cold laser ---it will help