Cardiologist Questions Heart Attack

At what age is one at a high risk of a heart attack?

I am a 34 year old man and I have a high stress job. Is age a risk factor for a heart attack? My grandparents both died of a heart attack; however they were both in their 80s. Am I also at risk?

6 Answers

Age, stress, elevated blood pressure, gout, tobacco use, diabetes mellitus, sedentary life style, overweight/obesity, positive family history are some of the risk facts. You are only 34, perfect age to start prevention of cardiovascular disease.
Your risk of a heart attack is extremely low unless you smoke or are very overweight. A stressful job does not increase your risk.
Yes, age can be a risk factor. Nothing is immune from the damaging aging process. Known risk factors increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Don't spoil it, even your parents may have given you good genes. Bad habits such as excessive drinking or smoking exposure risk an individual to die from alcoholic cirrhosis of liver or lung cancer. Anxiety or stress hastens the risk of heart attack even at your (young) age. You are obese. Instead of worrying about your age or thinking you are protected because your parents live a long life, start a programmed exercise, eat a better and sensible diet first. Screen your risk, i.e., blood sugar, cholesterol level, liver and kidney function, and work to lower your risk. If you are still anxious, consult your doctor or take up yoga or meditation; biofeedback classes may help.
Age is one of many risk factors. Grandparents dying of a heart attack over the age of 80 would not be considered a risk factor for you. Unless you have diabetes, are a smoker, have high blood pressure, a very bad lipid profile, or a first degree relative who had premature (under 60 yo) coronary disease, at 34 you are very low risk for a heart attack.
Age is one of the of the risks for heart attack (older then 50). At your age, the risk is minimal. However, smokers, diabetics, and drug abusers are at risk, even at your age. I recommend for you to take preventive measures, like healthy diet, avoid smoking/drugs, and be physically active.
Your grandparents had heart attacks later in life. There are risk factors that put the patient at increased risk of heart attack such as family history of premature coronary artery disease (females before age 60, males before age 50 having heart attack, stent, open heart surgery), smoker, diabetic, kidney disease, hyperlipidemia, obesity. If your current job prevents you from exercising and causes weight gain due to poor diet, then that puts you at risk of a heart attack.