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My back has become very curved and is pushing my stomach out. Do you think it can be corrected?

I am 64 years old and I have a problem where my back is becoming extremely curved and seems to be pushing my stomach out. Can this be corrected or is it just an aging problem?

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This is called anterior pelvic tilt with weak abdominals and tight psoas muscles. This can be corrected with physical therapy and chiropractic.
If the curve is that advance, it might need to be corrected with spine surgery.
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To know if it can be corrected, I would recommend getting an examination done to see if your back curvature is indeed causing your stomach to push out. That may include advanced imaging such as an X-ray and/or CT. A significant curvature may be harmful to you and can cause further health problems in the future. I would advise seeking advice from your primary care provider as the first step.
It is most likely an aging problem, however a chiropractor might be able to help with any undesirable symptoms that might be occurring due to the curved back.
Yes but it will take time adjustments and exercise!
you need to be evaluated by a chiropractor as well as a medical doctor, need to see why it is happening so quickly, for example. are you developing a bone softening disorder that needs to be treated
Correction is bleak but relief is possible
This sounds like a postural syndrome we call "lower cross syndrome." I treat this with corrective adjustments and exercises for the abdominal and gluteal muscles.

Your curve has developed over time and is called a hyperlordosis at this point. If your stomach is sticking out, it is most likely caused by this excess curve. You can do curve restoration exercises with a rehab based chiropractor or physical therapist to help reduce it. Age will matter in terms of changing the curve fully, but there is still some change that will occur over time.
It’s difficult to say depending on what exactly is going on. You should definitely get in for an evaluation to determine the cause of this!!!! It may or may not be a chiropractic issue. Although certain things can occur as we age, there are definitely treatments that can make the aging process less challenging.


Lynnette Hendrickson, D.C., CACCP

Most likely, aging is the problem with the body distortion. However, if there is discomfort, chiropractic care may give relief rather that allowing it to get worse.
This is probably due to hyperlordosis (increased forward curvature of the mid- to lower spine) and possibly combined with some degree of scoliosis (sideways curvature of the spine). X-rays need to be performed to determine this. Also, you should be checked for osteoporosis, which many times can be determined from the same X-rays. A chiropractor and/or physical therapist can show you specific exercises that can help reduce the curve to a degree and to keep it from getting worse, but at 64, I do not believe that it can be completely corrected.
X-Rays are necessary to determine if this could be corrected
I would get a comprehensive examination done or at least get an X-ray and finally do a posture evaluation
The best answer here would have to be on an individual basis. The longest you could have had this problem is 64 yrs, right? Next is, how bad is it? Likely scenario is that you could improve, yes. How much improvement is not exactly known, but can be better determined from analyzing your X-rays as well as other diagnostic imaging.
Will it get to completely straight or completely normal at this point? Most likely not. Find a great doctor who will take films and analyze and measure as well as work you up a plan of correcting the problem over time. If your problem started at birth, then you would be looking at approx. 6 years of care to get it to your best - whatever that can be for you.

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I would get a thorough chiropractic evaluation and a set of full spinal X-rays to further assess this a condition. The chiro care will help with most spinal conditions like this.
It depends on what is causing the curvature. If it is due to degenerative changes, correcting it is not possible, but conservative chiropractic care could help to stop the progression, along with rehab/exercise activities. You would need further examination, which would include some X-rays and possibly other exams performed depending on what is suspected after a full evaluation.