Dentist Questions Toothaches

What are the best home remedies for toothache?

My son often complains of toothaches. What are the best home remedies that can help to prevent them?

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If your son is young, under 11, he could be having pain from erupting teeth. If so, address with OTC gel called Orabase and massage onto gums.
Has your son had a dental check up lately? He may have cavities that need to be addressed
You state "often" complains. This is most unusual. Healthy teeth do not "often" cause toothaches. I do not recommend a home remedy for this. Take your son immediately to your dentist for treatment. The toothaches your son is suffering from will only get worse. Do not delay.
Oil of cloves
Toothaches are not normal and your son needs medical attention immediately. Remember toothaches can turn life-threatening if not medically treated.
Clove oil can help with the pain
Anti-cavity Listerine, fluoridated water, good brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, keep the toothpaste in the mouth for 60 sec.
Clove oil helps with the toothache, but in increments as you do not want to burn the tissues
Please take ur son to a dentist to get him checked for cavities.
Home remedies could be rinsing with salt water gently if it is a gum problem whereby a baby tooth is ready to come out soon and the permanent tooth is erupting . Also avoidance of many sweets and soda pop to decrease the chance of cavities. Also a fluoride rinse for a minute every night can prevent cavities too. If the child is in a lot of discomfort, it is best to call your dentist and take a radiograph of the problem tooth!
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Handling a toothache on your own is not always in your best interest. There are a multitude of reasons for a toothache and cannot be answered with this response. I highly advise you to see a dentists as soon as possible to determine the cause of the ache. In the meantime, ibuprofen is a very good analgesic that should get you by until you see the dentist. Best of luck!
If anyone of any age is complaining of a tooth ache it should be evaluated by a dentist. Baby teeth can get infections too!
Unfortunately a toothache is caused by something attacking the tooth. Once in pain you are past the point of home remedies and professional involvement is recommended.
Tylenol or Ibuprofen for temporary pain control. And, get your child to the dentist to determine the cause of this pain.
Best to see a dentist to understand what is causing the toothache. Toothaches are nature's way of telling that something is wrong. Pain medications mask the symptoms without addressing the cause. He probably either has cavities or is grinding his teeth in his sleep.
Since your son often complains of toothaches, the best remedy is to see a dentist as possible to take care what is actually causing the pain.
Anything that a product over the counter like Orajel May alleviate mild discomfort. Anything more than occasional use merits a dentist looking closer to your dietary habits your son has and possibly tying that to the reason that he's complaining of toothaches more often then rare that should be normal it is very possible that extensive amounts of sugar are being ingested that you are unaware of in the form of carbonated drinks adding sugar to coffee or too many sweets without brushing between meals which is the most prevalent cause of decay that lead to toothaches. I would not overlook the cause of problem being dietary in nature as there seems to be sugar in everything we eat and this affects the delicate balance of an animal and the potential for causing chronic dental pain if excellent hygiene is not used during the Adolescent years when sugar intake tends to be very high.
Unfortunately, there is no home remedy that can replace medicine needed for a tooth infection. My advice would be to take your son to a dentist, depending on his age, a Pedodontist may be appropriate, since they specialize in dental treatment for children.
Depends on the age. Best remedy to prevent toothaches at home is to make sure they brush morning and night, with nighttime brushing being the last thing other than water. Going to the dentist every 6 months.
Make sure they are not using a whitening or baking soda toothpaste, as these products will strip the root surfaces making the teeth sensitive and feeling like they have a toothache.
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Tooth sensitivity could be due to cavities or gum problems. I would highly recommend you see a dentist to diagnose the problem. Home remedies: avoid the stuff that triggers the sensitivity, avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures.

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The answer is oral home care. Brushing, flossing and oral irrigator (waterpik) with regular visits to a dentist.