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What is the best medication for bipolar?

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Medications: Benzos
Conditions: Bipolar

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Definitely not benzos. There are several good mood stabilizers.
Bipolar disorder is best treated with mood stabilizers - consult with a psychiatrist in your area. There are also mood disorder clinic which specialize in treating bipolar disorders. In addition to medications, you can also make sure you have regular sleeping patterns, have a nutritional diet rich in omega 3 fatty acid which is good for th brain, adequate exercise and involvement in meaningful activities. It is also important to maintain a daily routine and structure - that is waking up at regular time in the morning and going to bed also at regular hours.
Benzos are the worst medications you can take. There's no ONE best medication there for everybody. You need to see and be evaluated by a geriatric psychiatrist.
the best bipolar medication is the one that yo u can respond to and there are lots mood stabilizer and i am sure you can benefit from any of them and you can see a doctor to put you in the right medicine
Benzo is not a mood stabilizer its only anti anxiety medication you need to be on a mood stabilizer to stabilize your mood
There is no best medication for Bipolar, it is the best medication for you. Your doctor will consider other meds. that you might be taking for different illnesses and discuss the drugs interactions. Also your doctor will tailor the med. to your symptoms ( like agitation, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, anger, use of drugs, etc.)
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Lithium is best proved medication for bipolar d.o but it all depends on your severity and recurrence of Bipolar.

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Lithium or Tegretol seroquel, Mellaril and Elavil.
Benzos should never been prescibed and specially for bipolar disorder
The medication of choice has always been lithium. Depakote is another good medication. It all depends on other health factors. Atypical antipsychotics are also used.
Unfortunately, there is no one Best for everyone medication for Bipolar Disorder just like no one shoe fits all, of course...that being said if anyone in your family has been diagnosed with Bipolar and is on medication that has helped them..this can serve as a possible great place to start. Your particular symptoms, medical history or conditions will all be factored in as a medication is chosen for you to assure your best care. If not, you should consult with a psychiatrist for guidance..if your current doctor is a psychiatrist and is on,y treating you with benzos, then consider another opinion to assure the best options are being made available...Take care. Sincerely, Dr. Amy
There are different medications for Bipolar disorder. It has to be tailored for individual profile considering the medical issues and symptoms.
Thanks for your question. Treatment guidelines suggest mood stabilizers as the best treatment for bipolar disorder There are several families of mood stabilizers including several anticonvulsants such as Depakote, atypical antypsychotics such as Latuda, and lithium. Which will be best depends on the patients history of response and side-effects to medications. What is the best medication for one patient, may not work for another. I suggest to work with a trusted health professional to find the best medication for each individual.
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That is a question that is best answered by your treating psychiatrist. All medications have risks, benefits, and alternatives, which have to be tailored to each individual.
Please first make sure the diagnosis is correct. Mood stabilizers: e.g., Depakote, lamictal, lithium, Carbamazepine. Please consult with the psychiatrist and find which will be a better option for you, based upon your symptoms, severity and other co-morbid conditions. Antipsychotics also used as mood stabilizers like Lurasidone, aripiprazole, quetiapine. etc.