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What is the best way to keep type 2 diabetes at bay?

I have type 2 diabetes, and lately, I have been struggling. I'm looking to get everything under control. What is the best way for me to keep my diabetes at bay?

3 Answers

The best thing is to be athletic and eat a healthy diet. Duh. I know you know that. I have little information here so I can't say much more. A continuous monitor is really beneficial and I place this on my patients as much as possible. Eats few carbs, eat less often. Do what it takes to keeps the glucose in normal range. Check the glucose often.
Every patient is different and there is no 1 answer. Generally, we recommend that you do the best you can with your diet and exercise, and repeat your diabetes markers. If diet and exercise alone is not sufficient, this is when medication initiation/change starts to play a role to get the diabetes under control.
I don't know what you mean by "keeping it at bay." Until we find a cure, your diabetes you will always be with you. If you mean keeping the DM in control, then I can give you some guidelines. For Type 2, there are many treatments available today, so you have a lot of choices: 1) Diet & control your weight - see a dietician if you need help; 2) Check your blood sugar frequently. The insurance industry wants you to check only the Fasting (once/day), but many people have good Fasting blood sugars, but are high after meals & that elevates the HbA1c. So, check some after meals to see if you need help there; 3) Go over your blood sugar records with a doctor who knows diabetes and look at the many options for you. Set goals with the physician & selection the medications that will help you meet those goals. See your doctor frequently & follow his or her advice.