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I have a black stain on my tooth. How can I get it removed?

I have a strange black color stain on my tooth near my gumline. How can it be removed without any expensive treatment?

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It all depends upon what is causing the stain. You need to see a dentist and have him see it directly.
Dental cleaning or filling are often the only two options for treatment of this type.
A black colored stain could in fact be a cavity. I suggest you have it checked.
Possibly. Ask your dentist if it can be polished away.
It all depends upon if the black area is just stain, calculus, or decay. It needs to be seen by your Dental professional.
Black stains close to the gumline can either be actual stain or a cavity. IF it is just a stain, a cleaning would likely take care of it.
This is likely a medical term and a dental description call dens in dente. It should be mechanically sculpted so that stain can be cleansed by brushing and would be accomplished by using high-speed Diamond Drill to reshape the deep hole that is genetic and just a dental characteristic you have inherited that causes plaque to occur at the pit of this deep fissure and it is hereditary
A professional cleaning should remove the staining.
First, is it an intrinsic stain within your enamel of the tooth, or extrinsic (not in your enamel)? If the first, you can do bonding; if the second, the dentist can polish it out.
A black stain may have been caused by a number of things. It may be from coffee, tea, or just simply not having a professional cleaning. Black stains may also be a cavity. The best thing to do is see your dentist to have an examination to determine the best way to proceed with removing the black stain.

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