Cardiologist Questions Breathlessness

I feel breathless running on the treadmill. Does it mean my heart is weak?

I feel extremely breathless when I run on the treadmill or do other exercises. Is this an indication that my heart is weak?

3 Answers

It could be your heart and it could be your lungs. Most often it's a breathing disorder. I suggest you go for a treadmill exercise ECG test and oxygen monitoring (with a finger oximeter) to check if anything is seriously wrong. If the test is negative (i.e. good) the solution is breathing control training.
Not necessarily. High blood pressure or lung issues could also cause those symptoms. See you doctor for a stress test.
It can be due to the hard problem or pulmonary disease or even lack of exercise. If you have risk factors for heart disease, then you should talk to your primary care doctor about this.