Dentist Questions tooth pain

Broken molar with decay. What should I do?

The molar in the back of my mouth cracked, and now I have pain periodically. It feels like the tooth is decaying. What should I do?

7 Answers

Hello, please consult with a dental professional that can determine the cause and can help you get out of the infection. Thank you for your question.
Visit your dentist and have it checked. Sounds like the cavity has reached the nerve and may need a root canal to save the tooth.
See your dentist - it is likely you will need either a root canal treatment or extraction
You should make an appointment with your dentist and schedule a complete examination and xrays to determine the degree of cracking, and to determine what the best course of action will be to address the problem.
You need to have it evaluated by a dentist. It could have an infection in it that needs to be cleaned up before an abcess occurs. Also the tooth itself may break further to the point of irreparable damage if it is ignored.

You should see your dentist quickly. The longer you wait, the more compromised the tooth becomes. Decay or fracture into or affecting the pulp or nerve chamber of the tooth will exhibit pain, requiring a root canal and subsequently a crown. If the tooth is deemed non-restorable, it will be extracted and tooth replacement options will be discussed.
Hope this helps!
Please go see your dentist ASAP. This sounds like the tooth may need either a root canal and a crown or possibly even need to be removed depending on the extent of the decay. The good news is now we can replace a single tooth that has been removed with an implant, abutment ( connector) and an implant crown.
Once you are having pain in your teeth this is a possible indicator of the infection that is causing the decay having reached the nerve of the tooth. See you dentist ASAP before the pain gets worse, and/or the infection spreads. Good Luck!