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Can a c-section leave you with a constant low back pain?

I am a 33 year old woman and I had my c-section delivery two years back. However, till today I have a bad lower back pain which intensifies when i am standing or sitting for two long. Is it because of the epidural that was administered in the back or something else.

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We see many patients with similar questions about back pain after epidurals for delivery. The fact is that there are so many causes for chronic back pain that it may be impossible to state with certainty that the epidural itself caused the problem. The physiologic changes to spinal posture and the process of just carrying a developing baby for 9 months can leave many women with some chronic back discomfort even without having had an epidural at all.

The real question at this point is what can be done to help reduce or eliminate the back pain in your particular case. And for the answer I would recommend a visit with a qualified physician for evaluation.
If the epidural was uncomplicated, then it is probably from ddd bulging disks facet d and needs to be evaluated.
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It sounds as if you possibly have a painful disc in your spine. Not uncommon following labor. It is highly unlikely that the epidural anesthetic was the cause as that is a very rare cause of back pain.