Gastroenterologist Questions Churna

Are digestive powders like Churna bad for my health in the long run?

After every meal I have digestive powers or churna to aid digestion. Are these known to cause any side effects in the long run?

3 Answers

There is no evidence that digestive powders work. Save your money. If you eat healthy foods then you don't need to aid the digestion.
Churna is a very intersting product in which it combines 3 different fruits used in Ayurvedic medicine. There are multiple publications as to the multiple benefits of these products. None of those have really been tested using scientific medical methods but plenty of positive anecdotal data are available. Nothing to suggest negative impact in the long run
I tend to think they’re made from herbal and plant based products which have been used for several long years. I’m not aware of any research on these types of products and their possible side effects, and I’m unable to give you information on the safety of their long term use.