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Can I drink through a straw with braces?

I am a 21 year old male. I wonder if I can drink through a straw with braces?

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You should have no problem drinking through a straw with braces
Absolutely, in fact, it is the preferred method of drinking while wearing braces. It reduces the contact time of liquids containing sugar.
Absolutely, yes!
Yes you can
Yes, you can use a straw with braces
Yes. That's fine. Just be aware of bubbly beverages. Carbonation & sodas have a detrimental effect on Orthodontic Cement.
Yes. Except if you have a metal bar which runs across your palate to connect your upper molars. In that case, you should minimize drinking through straws as the sucking action might result in a line on your tongue.
You absolutely can! Just brush your teeth after drinking sugary or acidic drinks.

Dr. Colin Gibson

Hello, you can absolutely drink through a straw with braces. In fact, it is better to drink sugary or acidic foods with a straw because it moves the liquid behind the teeth and braces while you drink. When you drink without a straw, the sugary or acidic drinks bathe the teeth and braces which can lead to decalcification or cavities forming. Thank you for a great question!
Absolutely. There is no problem using a straw.

Yes, you can use a straw while wearing braces.

As long as you are able to close your lips around the braces without any discomfort and have not had an extractions (tooth removal) in conjunction with your braces, you should be fine to drink through a straw.
The brackets and wires on the front of someones teeth can cause sores or feel like their lips are being stretched. They make orthodontic wax to put on the braces to prevent this.
Also sometimes people need to have teeth removed in order to make room for all the rest of the teeth. The teeth are usually extracted before the braces are put on, but dry socket is always a condition to consider when teeth are removed.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
If you drink all your drinks through a straw, it may reduce the amount of fluid that goes on the front surfaces of your teeth. However, I would also strongly recommend that you rinse your mouth with plain water straight after drinking a sugary drink, to wash all that sugar off your teeth!