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Can I drink water after a tooth extraction?

I am a 53 year old male and I will have a tooth extraction. Can I drink water after a tooth extraction?

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After the tooth has been removed your dentist will give you some gauze swabs to bite on. This is to keep the saliva out of the tooth socket while the blood clot sets. Once this has occurred, usually after 15 minutes, you can drink clean town water.
Of course you can drink water after the extraction, but do not use the straw, drink straight up from the cup. Using the straw will cause negative pressure in the oral cavity, that will dislodge the blood clot in the socket, and cause bleeding with potential of “dry socket,” i.e., infection of the jaw bone in the area of extraction.
You should be able to drink water provided there is gauze covering the extraction area to prevent dislodging of the clot but i would still check with ghe dentist who does the extraction thanks
Yes, you can drink water, but avoid drinking through a straw.
Yes, you can drink water after extraction but it may be a bit harder to drink due to you being numb.
After a tooth is extracted, you may have had the extraction site sutured. Or, you may have gauze 2 x 2's folded and you were told to bite down hard. Usually after two or three biting hard stops the bleeding. Your extraction site may be oozing some pinkish yellow drainage. You can drink water out of a glass or cup. Your instructions will tell you to avoid using a straw or can of liquid. You should avoid bending down and if you lay down keep your head and shoulders elevated.
If your tooth was infected, and you were given antibiotics and pain medication take your antibiotics and pain medication.
Yes, you can drink water.
Yes- it is important to maintain adequate hydration. Just don’t drink using a straw, you don’t want to create any suction in your mouth which will dislodge the blood clot and can lead to a dry socket.