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Can I live with bipolar disorder without medication?

I am a 23 year old male. I want to know if I can Iive with bipolar disorder without medication?

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That depends on how severe your Bipolar is. In my experience, it’s difficult. Occasionally, we plot the graph of mania and depression and see how often you cycle. In periods when you are, free you may try.
Usually, it’s not possible to live without any treatment as symptoms tend to reoccur.

Medications are important to prevent depression and manic episodes. 
First, I would get a second (or even third) opinion about your diagnoses, as many other diagnoses (including anxiety disorders and substance abuse/withdrawal disorders) can masquerade as Bipolar. Your next step would be establishing a close patient-provider relationship with a psychiatrist, who should be able to diagnose you within the first one or three sessions. What we're trying to avoid here:

1. A missed diagnosis of bipolar disorder (very common), or
2. A premature diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

Either of the above can put you at risk of a Bipolar Spectrum Disorder that can make your disease A) more difficult to treat in the future, and B) a disease that is increasingly difficult to treat with time.

Best of luck!
It is not advisable to not take prescribed medications for Bipolar disease.
If you can maintain mood stability without medication, the answer is yes. However, it helps to ask trusted others for feedback, as you may not be aware of when you are being erratically.
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