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Can Invisalign make your teeth fall out?

I am a 23 year old male. I wonder if Invisalign can make your teeth fall out?

8 Answers

While any form of orthodontic movement could theoretically cause tooth loss, your dentist will take X-Rays before treatment to ensure that you do not have advanced gum disease and bone loss which would make this more likely. Slow, gentle orthodontic movement of your teeth should be perfectly safe.
Mostly not but if you have periodontal disease than invisalign is not an option for you.
If your doctor knows what he or she is doing, then no.
No, Invisalign cannot make your teeth fall, but it can cause some mobility in your teeth, especially if there is an existing bone loss in the teeth.
Aligners are intended to move teeth. Having a dentist examine your teeth before getting aligners is critical to make sure your teeth are anchored in your jaws well enough to withstand the movement. Starting with healthy gums, and keeping up with dental visits and your home care are important to protect your teeth. A well trained dentist will monitor and help ensure that your teeth do not fall out.
No, but please keep your regular follow up appointments.
They should not.
Braces and invisalign can make your teeth fall out if the oral health was not optimum, but we usually don't fit them on until we are sure about the oral health first.